Who Was It? – A Baby Shower Game

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This baby shower game is quite entertaining to play and can have any number of winners.

  1. Indicate in your baby shower invite that you require each guest to bring his or her baby picture. The photo must not be shown to anyone in the party and must be submitted to you or a designated individual upon arrival. Suffice to say, invites should be sent out early so that your guests will have enough time to look for their baby photos.
  2. Pin the photos to the wall without labeling them.
  3. Ask guests to make a list of their guess “matches”.

Here are several prizes you may want to hand out for this game.

  • The Celebrity –This prize should go to the person that guests had the easiest time recognizing through his or her baby photo
  • The Stranger – Conversely, this goes to the guest who people had the hardest time identifying based on his or her baby photo
  • The Observer – This prize goes to the guest who made the most number of correct matches


Don’t forget to return the photos to their respective owners after the game. Be sure that you only use tape and not glue or pin when posting the photos on the wall. Anything except tape may damage the back of the photos.

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