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Here are the top five baby shower games when planning your party with budget in mind.

1. Packing Time!

Parenthood forces adults to develop extremely good skills for packing. Let’s see which of your guests have the best packing skills for this baby shower game!             

What You’ll Need: A baby travel bag and all the items that it usually contains (e.g. diapers, extra clothes, bedtime supplies, feeding supplies, and travelling supplies)

Practice packing as much as you can inside the bag. Ask your friends to help you out if necessary. On the day of the baby shower, ask for five guests who would like to participate. Blindfold four of them then have the first one try to pack all those supplies in the bag. Keep track of the time. The player who registers the shortest packing time wins!

2. Baby Bingo

I found these Bingo Cards at They let you try their service for free and offer a 29.99 service (okay you’ll have to spend if you want these). But it’s good to brainstorm ideas with these examples.

Use the rules for Bingo to determine which of your guests know the expectant mother best or – for another variation – which of your guests can determine what makes up the soon-to-be parents’ wish list for their unborn child.

What You’ll Need: Paper and pen

You don’t have to use brand new sheets of paper for this one. As long as you have old documents with blank pages on the back, those would do just as well. Draw a Bingo template on the back. Include three boxes for each letter row.

The first variation is a little complicated but would be loads of fun.

  1. Prepare at least thirty questions about the expectant mother and which is answerable by “yes”, “maybe”, and “no”.
  2. When you ask a question, guests get to pick which bingo box they can label with their answer. The number of the question should be indicated. To make sure that no one would be cheating, ask guests to check each other’s cards and make sure that a box is completely labeled.
  3. Ask the expectant mother to reveal the answer. Those who get the answer correctly can cross out the labeled box.
  4. The first player who successfully achieves the correct pattern would win.
  5. Let’s say that all boxes have been labeled but no one has completed the winning pattern yet. Guests with the most number of ticked boxes would be declared the winners then.

As for the second variation, you would have to reveal 15 questions to the guests. These questions have to do with what the expecting couple desires for their baby. Here are a few examples of the types of questions you can ask:

  • What color of hair would you wish your baby to have?
  • What do you want her to grow up as? (Correct answers may be equivalent to two points since it’s a moderately difficult question).

If all questions have been asked and no one has managed to complete the winning pattern then guests with the most number of correct guesses will once again win.

3. Hunt for the Baby

This is one of the most exciting free baby shower games you can have your guests playing. It’s basically a scavenger hunt, but you won’t have to shop for items. Needless to say, the larger your venue for the baby shower is, the better it would be for this type of game.

What You’ll Need: A pair of the following – or more, depending on the number of teams who are playing.

  • Baby Doll
  • Mittens (one left and one right for each team, the differences between the two should be made obvious, or each team should have a corresponding color)
  • Socks (the above rules apply)
  • One-piece sleeping suit
  • Bonnet
  • Feeding bottle
  • Rattle

Naturally, you would have to prepare clues for each item for each team. You can use the same hiding place for each team, but just make sure that the hidden items are different. When all items have been found, they should be able to dress the baby doll. The first one to bring a completely dressed baby doll to the expectant mother wins!

4. Taste Test

Aside from their daily dose of milk, toddlers usually have their own specially brewed smoothies to keep them nourished. This creative and exciting game will have the expectant mother discover which of her guests can act as her sous chef when it’s time to feed her baby!

What You’ll Need:

  • Just get all the vegetables, fruits, milk, and basically everything in your kitchen at home and take it with you to the baby shower. Alternatively, you can just ask your guests to bring their own supplies. They won’t mind if it’s for baby shower games!
  • Ask certain friends to bring their food mixers or blenders at home.

This is definitely one of the unique baby shower games that your guests will have a chance to play. Not only that but it’s also going to be a wonderful challenge that all your guests would have fun reminiscing. As for the rules —

  1. Place all the edible items you and the other guests have brought to one table.
  2. Ask the guests to form their own teams if there are more than two blenders. If, however, there are two blenders then it would be fun if you could have different sexes battling it out once more.
  3. Players from each team would go face to face each other. Ask them to play a game of rock, paper, and scissors. Winners of this battle then get to race and choose an ingredient. After that set, losers get to race the table and choose their ingredients. This goes on and on until all items on the table have been snapped up.
  4. Give them thirty minutes to prepare their own baby food mix.
  5. Ask the expectant mother – and the “jury” if you have other special or V.I.P guests attending the baby shower – to pick which mix tastes best.

5. Guess the Baby Food

It’s time to raid your refrigerator and cupboards once more for items that would most likely find itself to a baby’s next meal.

What You’ll Need: Everything that babies and kids can eat.

Guests can either play this as individuals or as teams. If it’s team-based, then players from each team are blindfolded and given a taste of the item. One correct guess is equivalent to one point. The team with the most number of correct guesses after you have run out of all the food obviously wins the game.

Yep, these free baby shower games listed here won’t cost you a dollar, however you may have to invest a bit towards prizes to give away to your guests. After all, where would be the fun in playing if you have no reward for the winner?

As you can see, all the materials you will need for the free baby shower games listed here are something you can easily obtain from your home. And anything that your home can’t supply – such as multiple blenders – are also things that your guests probably won’t mind loaning out for the game. With these free games, you can then enjoy a bigger budget when shopping for baby shower party prizes! Don’t forget to buy baby shower party favors, too, so that everyone goes home with a smile and the happiest memories to share with their friends.

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