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When choosing the best baby shower gifts, you should not just focus on the price alone. In a way, buying the cheapest baby shower gifts might just be a waste of your money. When shopping for souvenirs or giveaways, always remember that your ultimate aim is to give your guests something to help them keep cherished memories about the baby shower you’re hosting.

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If you have a budget, then you just have to make sure that you can buy the best possible baby shower gift within the set price limits. Make an estimate of the number of people that are attending and divide your budget by that number. The result will be the amount you can spend per gift.

If the amount seems too little, you can save more money and thus afford more to spend per item by being having your guests “share” your gifts. Rather than giving all the guests a gift each, you can choose to give souvenir gifts per family or couple. You can also give slightly more expensive gifts to godparents and something more affordable for the other guests.


Needless to say, the best baby shower gifts are also appropriate for the theme of the party. Anything that’s too generic would be not worth keeping. The only time you can afford to be generic, however, is when the item you have chosen happens to be essential or functional like hair brushes for women and shave kits for the men. These items are something they’d have a use for and are thus likely to keep.


The best baby shower gifts are always personalized. In some cases, the shops you have ordered your gifts from may offer engraving services for free. If you would rather not pay to have the items personalized, you can at least have a tag or card printed and taped or tied to each item. If you’re giving gifts to twins see Baby Shower Gifts for Twins


Do keep in mind that although “adult” humor in party giveaways and gifts may be appreciated in other parties, they are definitely inappropriate for baby showers. As far as most people are concerned, baby showers are all about babies and kids and as such anything that’s obviously meant to be adult business would be inappropriate.

What Would the Expectant Mom Think about the Gift?

Lastly, the best baby shower gifts are those the expectant mother would surely be proud to give away as well. So when you are considering a particular gift, ask yourself this question first: would she find this nice, and would she consider it a good enough gift for the people who matter to her the most?


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