Cultural or Religious Theme Ideas for your Baby Shower

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If you are in search for unique baby shower ideas then consider designs from the world’s various cultures and religions.

Christian Baby Shower Theme

A Christian baby shower theme may seem ordinary at first glance, but only when you don’t think out of the box. Think of famous stories from the Bible and use them as the basis for more unique baby shower ideas.

Think of Adam and Eve, Noah and his ark, or even the story of Samson and Delilah. If the unborn baby’s name is Joseph then how about patterning the entire baby shower after the story of young Joseph, the lost son of Jacob? You can have everyone come in the most colorful coats, too.

As for unique baby shower invitations, how about having invitations custom printed to look like the tablets that Moses used to introduce the Ten Commandments? A nice long scroll would be lovely, too.

Egyptian Baby Shower Theme

With an Egyptian baby shower, you can have everyone coming over dressed as pharaohs and gods and with the women dressed up as Cleopatra. As the basis for unique baby shower ideas, consider including mummies in your games, favors, prizes, and décor. How about a mummy centerpiece for instance?

Asian Baby Shower Theme

There are a lot of them to choose from and while all Asian cultures can give you more than enough background for unique baby shower ideas, just make sure that you don’t end up confusing one culture for another. It’s easy to mistake Korean culture for Japanese or Japanese culture for Chinese.

In any case, here are some tips to consider when you want an Asian-inspired theme for your baby shower.

  • Go Bollywood with an Indian-inspired baby shower. Including a lesson on belly dancing is definitely called for!
  • Have everyone come in kimonos and use cherry blossoms as your main theme for décor if you want a Japanese-inspired baby shower.
  • Guests can get in touch with their spiritual sides if you adapt a Tibetan theme for the baby shower and everyone comes in monk’s attire – complete with bead accessories and sandals!

European Baby Shower Theme

Naturally, Europe is also a cultural mixing pot and can definitely help you come up with more unique baby shower ideas.

  • Women can dress up as milkmaids while the men can come in dressed in britches. An alternative would be to have everyone come in as knights and damsels respectively.
  • Get men to wear skirts with a Scottish baby shower!
  • How about a Venetian theme for your baby shower? Don’t forget to include masks for unique baby shower invitations!


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