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If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to a baby shower cake, you can kill two birds with one stone by having baby shower cupcakes instead. Baby shower cupcakes may also double as party favors to give out to your guests. And if you have extra funds to spare, you can make the very best impression on guests by giving baby shower cupcakes along with baby shower invitations. Think of it as a promise of more sweet dishes to look forward to when they attend your baby shower!

5 Most Popular Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

These ideas are only meant to give you inspiration for what kind of cupcake you’d have for your own baby shower. But if you want to stick with exactly what’s suggested or described here, feel free to do so!

Baby-shaped cupcakes

Whether it’s a boy, girl, twins, or something else – you can have them “reproduced” through baby shower cupcakes. Some of these absolutely cute cupcakes even come with color-coded blankets to indicate the baby’s gender.

Flower cupcakes

Baby showers always have lovely themes – especially when the mom-to-be is expecting a little girl soon. If you want something just as pretty for your cupcakes, then there’s probably nothing lovelier than having flower-inspired cupcakes. You can opt for one floral species – such as the favorite kind of rose of the mom-to-be – or you can always aim for a bouquet of cupcakes. Order cupcakes in the shape of tulips, orchids, lilies – whatever blooms you like, a cupcake artist or designer can surely turn it into an edible dish!

Animal cupcakes

Since kids tend to adore animals, it’s only fitting that you choose an animal-oriented design for your baby shower cupcakes. Again, you have the option of sticking to one species or you can aim for an entire menagerie. If you have an amazing collection of animal baby shower cupcakes that include zebras, giraffes, bears, and all other creatures, they may even double as baby shower prizes! Just one look at them and your guests would probably be eager to win and collect them all. They probably won’t be able to bear biting into them, too, but that’s another story.

Cartoon cupcakes

Sometimes, expectant mothers take an absolute liking to a particular animation series, children’s story, or fairy tale. If it’s the same with the mom to be whose baby shower you are organizing, it would be a good idea to have your baby shower cupcake ideas revolve around that theme.

If the mom-to-be loves Snow White, then perhaps you should have cupcakes designed in the shape of
Snow White, her Prince Charming, and of course her beloved Seven Dwarves!

Puzzle cupcakes

If you are searching for unique baby shower cupcake ideas, then how about presenting a pastry puzzle for your friends? Collaborate with your cupcake artist to come up with a complete picture made of different cupcakes. Cupcakes that bear the images of stems, petals, and leaves separately will eventually form a cupcake of flowers. You get the picture, don’t you? Well, now, it’s your turn to come up with more pictures to “paint” with baby shower cupcakes!

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