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Baby showers won’t be complete without games that will have everyone on their feet laughing and cheering each other on – minus the pregnant guest of honor if she’s tired, of course. Here’s your list of free baby shower games. If you have yet to plan the program for the baby shower you are organizing, it might be a good idea to include some – if not all – of the games listed below. They are not considered the Top 10 Games for Baby Showers for nothing, after all!

Dress Up the Baby – A variation of the classic Going to the Market game, this one also requires guests divided into teams. The first team to successfully dress their babies for a trip wins.

Scrapbook Art Contest – All guests are provided scrapbook materials and a chance to print one or two photos taken during the event. The mom-to-be gets to keep all the pages, of course, but she would also offer prizes to guests with the most creative entries.

Pin The Sperm On The Egg – A twist on Pin the Tail, but this time featuring images related to babies

Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size – The winner who is the closest to guessing the size of the guest of honor’s pregnant tummy shower guess mommys tummy

Don’t Say “Baby” – This is also a twist of another classic party game.

Baby Pictionary – Everything that’s illustrated must also have to do with baby showers or babies in general.

Complete the Nursery Rhyme – Men and women battle it out to discover which of them are better in recalling nursery rhymes.

Baby Charades – Everything that’s acted out must have to do with babies, parenting, and pregnancy.

Guess the Item – Men and women are blindfolded and asked to identify the baby item they are holding. The team with the most number of correct guesses naturally wins.

Who Was It? – Ask guests to bring their baby pictures. Prizes are given to those who have made the most number of correct matches between guests and their respective photos.

The 10 games above were written in no particular order but frequently top people’s lists because of the following reasons:

  • They provide guests a fun opportunity to revisit their childhoods
  • They test adults’ knowledge about babies, pregnancy, and parenting
  • They offer exciting and unusual twists to common party games
  • They allow male and female guests to compete in a battle of the sexes

As long as the game you have in mind for the baby shower has the aforementioned characteristics, then it’s sure to be a hit with your guests as well!

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