Baby Shower Guide: Dos and Dont’s for Planning a Perfect Baby Shower

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Baby showers are one of the loveliest occasions to plan for and especially if they are meant to be a surprise. Of course, you also know that problems may still occur even when you have the best of intentions and that’s why it’s essential to plan ahead and plan effectively and efficiently with people who know the mom-to-be best!

  • DO consult the hubby – if he isn’t in for a surprise as well.

Your spouse can give you lots of tips on how to plan the perfect baby shower for the soon-to-be mom. You should also take the opportunity to ask if it would be a good idea to invite close male relations and friends as well.

  • DON’T base anything on assumptions and expectations.

It’s foolish to reasonably assume, for instance, that you can do all the planning and organizing. It’s always better to brainstorm with other friends and relations and delegate those that you do not have the talent or skills for. Prepare a timetable and task list that everybody in the “organizing committee” can have access to. This will help keep everyone coordinated and aware of what still needs to be done.

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Baby showers without themes are – for the lack of a better word – boring. Themes make all occasions more special because there is something “extra” you have to prepare for. If you know that the future mom is going to have a baby boy, then you can choose a Wild, Wild West theme and have everyone dress up as cowboys and cowgirls. For a future mom who is so much into astrology and everything New Age, you can perhaps choose a futuristic or space-inspired theme and have everyone suit up accordingly.

Consequently, it’s important to stick to the selected theme for all aspects. Say you chose a cowboy theme for your friend or sister’s baby shower. Aside from the dress code, the venue’s décor, party favors, and games should also be related to the theme. Even the menu should be appropriate for the theme.

  • DON’T invite those who may not be in good terms with the guest of honor.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and if you are truly torn about certain people, you can always ask those closest to the mom-to-be for help. A baby shower should be a happy occasion, and it won’t be if there are people around who would make your guest of honor sad or uncomfortable.

  • DO use invitations to disseminate essential information.

Invitations can also serve as official guidelines for the guests. Aside from letting guests know when and where the baby shower would take place, invitations may also be used to inform them if it is a surprise – hence the emphasis of not letting the mom-to-be catch on with what’s happening – or it can be used to subtly remind about unconventional aspects of the baby shower.

Let’s say that the baby shower is for an adopted child or for the first baby of the mom’s third marriage. References to such circumstances may be included in invitations so that guests may be reminded to act and speak appropriately during the occasion.

  • DON’T forget to commemorate the event.

Lastly, baby showers are very memorable occasions that moms-to-be would love to have a chance to look back at when they have the time. To make this happen, make sure that you assign a couple of individuals to act as photographers of the event. Better yet, hire a photo booth for the baby shower if it’s within your budget. Don’t forget to have someone act as the videographer as well. Prepare a guestbook and scrapbook for the occasion, too.

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