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If the mom-to-be you’re organizing a baby shower for is very passionate about Mother Nature, then make sure that the event you’re planning is based on everything eco-friendly. Here are some tips to reduce your carbon foot print for…

1. Cloth Diapers and Diaper Cakes

Washable Cloth Diapers, also known as hybrid diapers can be an awesome gift for an eco-friendly Mom. Although this is an old technique and is definitely the norm now a days, many mom’s choose to go this route to save on trees, the environment, and mostly MONEY!

2. Plantable Invitations

Plantable-paper-invites-lg  BL Plantable Wildflower Lavender Paper
Yep, that’s right, paper invites on recycled paper that are made from seeds. Your guests can actually dig up some dirt, throw these invitations in the soil and watch the wildflowers grow! Definitely a rare and unique touch to your baby shower invitations. Photo and invitations from

3. Organic Food and Bio-Degradable Dishes

The food served during baby showers can be anything from light to heavy, but one thing’s for sure – making them palatable for the guest of honor means you’d have to choose a buffet selection or courses made entirely of 100% organic dishes. But don’t worry – organic does not mean you have to opt for a completely vegetarian diet. You just have to make sure that the dishes you will be serving are made of 100% fresh and natural food that did not benefit from any use or exposure to chemicals and other toxic substances.

4. Digital Photo Souvenirs and Guestbook

Lastly, instead of consuming resources to print the photos taken during your enchanting baby shower, why not host them online instead? Website like Flickr will allow you to create and manage online image galleries for free and you can even customize their designs and settings. Afterwards, you can share the photos with your guests and even reminisce about the fun time you had during the event.

While they’re enjoying the photos, you should also use the opportunity to invite everyone to sign the guestbook for the baby shower. Keep in mind that you can also have this done during the event itself. Just put up a tablet, desktop computer, or laptop and log on to the site where your virtual guestbook is hosted. People can take turns accessing and signing it.

5. Electronic Invitations

Everything can be done electronically nowadays, and where your baby shower is concerned you can start with inviting everyone online and having them RSVP in the same way, too. You can either use free calendar or event management tools offered by Google or Facebook or other websites to start inviting people. There are also a lot of sites that offer free baby shower invitation templates and designs for you to use.

6. Recyclable Favors

Many amazing designs today for baby shower favors are made entirely of recyclable materials or those that are 100% eco-friendly. You can also take this to another level by ensuring that the gift wraps or packaging you choose from them would be just as good for the environment.

Think of using recyclable paper bags and boxes. If you want to be a little creative, you can also opt for colorful or patterned reusable diapers and use them for wrapping up your baby shower party favors.

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