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Printable baby shower games are frequently used as a great ice breaker. These sit-down games for baby shower provide even the shyest guests an easy and fun opportunity to interact everyone. Some of the baby shower games (printable) you will see listed here have the entire kits downloadable online.

The Best in Coloring

The best baby shower games are usually those that allow parents and would-be parents to either revert happily back to their childhood days or hone their parenting skills. This one is definitely the former type. Coloring is an activity that lots of kids like, and parents often act as their first teachers as they learn the importance of coloring within the lines. The question is – can you do the same as well when you are given an intricate illustration to color?

Many of the free printable baby shower games you will find online are not labeled as such, and this is one example of them. Instead of typing “baby shower games” in Google, look for free coloring pages. These are something you can print out and distribute to your guests come party time!

Word Search

Many free printable baby shower games are often simply twists of classic games. Take Word Search for example. Simply Google for Word Search printable templates for baby showers and you are sure to find lots and lots of them which are free to download.


There are several ways you can offer baby shower game prizes for this game. First, you can award the first one to complete the entire search. Second, try the game yourself and identify which of the words listed is the most difficult to search. You can then offer a prize as well for the first one to find that particular word.


Cryptograms are something that many people are still not familiar with, but that’s a good thing as it will encourage your guests to interact more with each other. Be aware, however, that you may initially have a hard time searching for a baby shower game of this type available for free online.


Try baby related crossword puzzles. It’s a classic game and nothing beats the feeling of being one of the first to complete it. You are sure to find lots of free printable baby shower games of this type, even if you yourself can’t complete it.

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