Cool Diaper Cake Ideas for Baby Showers

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The term “diaper cake” is still fairly new and it is unlikely to be a part of your vocabulary if you are still without kids. Nevertheless, as someone who is in charge of organizing a baby shower for a friend, family member, or loved one, it is essential that you know what diaper cakes are all about.

What Is A Diaper Cake?

First, diaper cakes are anything but edible. These cakes are basically made of diapers – either the reusable or disposable ones or even both – and, in some cases, other baby paraphernalia like feeding bottles, bibs, and rattles. They beautifully as dual purpose as useable decorations!

Here are some examples of pre-built ones you can order from amazon…

Bloomers Baby Diaper Cake Modern Pink Mums 2-Tier

Bloomers Baby Diaper Cake Classic Blue Hydrangea 2-Tier

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes – DIY or Made to Order?

If you have time to spare and you are willing to work hard then coming up with your own design and turning it into an actual diaper cake is always a good idea. The mom-to-be will surely appreciate your efforts and labor of love. The keyword here is ‘if’, though. If you do not have time to devote to this project, then it’s best to rely on professional help instead.

Best Diaper Cakes @ Amazon

Baby shower diaper cakes are often one of the greatest highlights in this type of party and it would be a shame if you end up letting everyone down with your poorly planned and just as poorly executed cake.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Design for Your Baby Shower Diaper Cake

The best way to come up with an attractive and meaningful design is to first be aware of all options available to you. Explore your imagination to the fullest as well. With professional help secured, there’s virtually no idea that you have which can’t be transformed into something concrete.

baby diaper cake beePick an image. Focus on just one subject. If you want a rather colorful and unforgettable diaper cake then think about the image in detail but without having to make the background necessary. You can, for instance, picture a stuffed animal wearing a ranger’s uniform if you have selected a safari theme for the baby shower. The details will be seen in the type of uniform the stuffed animal would be wearing as well as the equipment he may be carrying. Certainly, your safari-inspired baby shower diaper cake does not need the background of an entire forest or river to make the picture understandable to everyone.

How many layers will the cake have? Just remember that the more layers there are the more impressive and expensive it will be.

Think about special “ingredients”. Baby shower diaper cakes do not need to consist of diapers alone. You can include other essential baby supplies and equipment as long as they fit well with the image you have selected.

Don’t forget about sanitary measures. The company you are hiring to design your diaper cake must take proper safety measures to keep the entire cake display hygienic.

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