Baby Shower Guide

If the mom-to-be you’re organizing a baby shower for is very passionate about Mother Nature, then make sure that the event you’re planning is based on everything eco-friendly. Here are some tips to reduce your carbon foot print for… 1. Cloth Diapers and Diaper Cakes Washable Cloth Diapers, also known as hybrid diapers can be […]

Use our baby shower checklist to see if you have everything covered! Make sure you’re not missing anything in the baby shower décor department. Banners This is where your greetings or congratulatory messages for the guest of honor are printed. They can be made of tarpaulin or something as simple as paper and cardboard. You […]

If you are worried about lacking inspiration for choosing the best baby shower theme, don’t be as this guide has you covered. Everything you have to know about baby shower themes can be found here. Take your time making your choice though since themes often serve as the lifeblood of the party. Simply put, the […]

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to be a parent yourself or an event organizer just to have the most brilliant baby shower decoration ideas. As long as you are motivated to do the best for the mom-to-be and you are willing to research and think out of the box, then you have all […]

Although hiring a catering company would let you say goodbye to all the worries about what to serve in a baby shower, the joys of preparing homemade dishes for this special moment are unparalleled. If you are up to the challenge of creating culinary masterpieces for an upcoming baby shower, then here are several factors […]

Baby showers are one of the loveliest occasions to plan for and especially if they are meant to be a surprise. Of course, you also know that problems may still occur even when you have the best of intentions and that’s why it’s essential to plan ahead and plan effectively and efficiently with people who […]