Baby Shower Games

This baby shower game is quite entertaining to play and can have any number of winners. Indicate in your baby shower invite that you require each guest to bring his or her baby picture. The photo must not be shown to anyone in the party and must be submitted to you or a designated individual […]

This is yet another game that’s more fun if you have opposing sexes battling it out. You will, however, have to spend more than usual for this game as you need to shop carefully for baby items with unusual shapes. Examples of baby items that you can use in this game include the following: Disposable […]

To make this guessing game easier, you can try choosing a theme for the words or phrases that your guests will be acting out. Titles of animation movies, e.g. Tangled, Shrek Fairy tale characters, e.g. Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty Song titles with the words “baby” in it Nursery rhymes Note: Don’t forget to let guests […]

Many adults mistakenly assume that the nursery rhymes they learned as kids are something they would never forget – until they play this game, that is. Here is a list of nursery rhymes you can use for the game. Be sure to consider each and every line carefully and mark the ones that people are […]

You can use your old set of Pictionary if you have one. You just have to prepare your own selection of words for the game. To help you get started, you can include the following words in your list. Words for “Easy” Category: Pregnancy Ultrasound Baptism Words for “Difficult” Category: Godparents Baby shower What You’ll […]

The objective of the game is simple: guests are challenged to outwit each other by manipulating another person to say the “taboo” word. In this case, the taboo word is obviously “baby”. 1. Provide each guest with a wrist band. 2. Clip 5 safety pins to each wrist band. 3. A guest gets a pin […]

This is a fun game that all the guests can participate in – even the shyest ones in the group. It can also serve as the perfect ice breaker for a baby shower. Go to each guest and have them cut the length they imagine is long enough to encircle the tummy of the guest […]

Here are several drawings and cutouts that you can use as a twist to this popular game Pin the “sperm” to the egg Pin the baby to Mommy’s tummy Pin the diaper to the baby What You Need A large-sized printed image or illustration of where guests have to pin the item A cutout of […]

There should be at least three types of winners for this contest. Manual scrapbook art – Some of your guests may choose to create scrapbook pages manually. Be sure then to provide them with the necessary materials and supplies. You should also have a printer and laptop ready to print out at least one or […]

This game offers several variations of the all-time classic “Going to the Market” game. It is best played by couples – married or not, with or without kids – and with the prize going to the first couple to successfully and correctly dress up their baby. What You Need: Baby doll – preferably of an […]