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Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to be a parent yourself or an event organizer just to have the most brilliant baby shower decoration ideas. As long as you are motivated to do the best for the mom-to-be and you are willing to research and think out of the box, then you have all the necessary skills to organize the most fantastic baby shower ever.

Important Factors: Baby Shower Decorations Ideas

Ideas usually begin as a glimmer of thought that later on takes a vague shape of its own. But obviously, thinking that something – err- pretty in pink is not enough of an idea to base the baby shower on. You can build from it, though, and the factors listed below are what would help you flesh out your baby shower decorating ideas to the fullest.

What do you know about the mom-to-be?

Is there anything she extremely likes and dislikes? Feel free to ask her closest friends and loved ones, as one of those may prove to be the spark needed to have a mental bulb over your head lighting up.

What do you know about her unborn baby?

Is it a girl or is it a boy? Is she okay with sharing her unborn baby’s gender with the others? Do you know what the parents wish for their unborn baby?

Where do you plan to hold the baby shower?

Baby shower decoration ideas must always adapt to the limitations and potential of the venue. It is never the other way around. Say that you wanted a beach baby shower but unfortunately your budget is just enough to rent a private pool. Then you make do with it.

How many people are attending?

A budget of $1,000 may just be adequate if you have, say, fifty guests coming, but it’s extravagant if you have only invited a dozen or so.

What kind of menu do you have for the party?

Baby shower decorations ideas – especially when it comes to tableware and table centerpieces – must also take your menu into account. First, what time will the baby shower start? If it coincides mealtime hours then you absolutely have no choice but to feed your guests. That’s non-negotiable. If doing so is not within your budget then you need to readjust your baby shower’s time to something that takes place before or after those hours. Doing so will let you get away with serving cocktails, snacks, or anything light.

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Baby Shower August 17, 2012 at 7:38 am

I’ve just read through your blog and I think it’s a fab idea to contact the mum to be closest friends to see what she likes! She is my sister in law and I know she doesn’t want too much of a fuss but it’s not often you have a baby! Love the Beach idea, may stick to the tropical theme.. Palm Trees, Monkeys etc 🙂 thank you!


Johny Marsh September 24, 2012 at 5:02 am

Baby shower decoration,invitations and all other should be according to mom that what she like or not.Your post is real interesting.Thanks for this post.


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