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If you are looking for fantastic baby shower themes for boys that an expectant mother is sure to love, then you have come to the right place. Listed below are themes considered the most popular today for a baby boy shower. Choose any of these themes, and you can be sure that the baby shower will give the expectant mother beautiful and unforgettable memories to cherish.

Jungle Baby Shower

This is considered one of the most popular themes for a baby shower today as it gives you lots of room to be creative. If set indoors, then you just need to make sure that you choose your baby shower décor appropriately. If, however, you are going for an outdoor baby shower then make sure that your choice venue is just as appropriate. Aquariums with jungle zones or – better yet – zoos are the perfect places to have this kind of baby shower.

You are also sure to have lots of fun when it comes to choosing which designs are appropriate for your jungle-themed baby boy shower invitations. If you are willing, you can also ask everyone to come attired as zoo rangers, safari adventurers, or something that would make them look like Tarzan and Jane!

Nautical Baby Shower

Does the expectant mother love to cruise? If so, a nautical baby shower is definitely appropriate. It’s definitely one of the more unusual baby shower themes for boys out there, but you can be sure that your guest of honor will have lots of fun in it.

If possible, rent one of the function rooms of moored ships or you can event rent out an entire yacht for the night! Cabin, room, or cottage rentals near the sea, ocean, lake, or beach are all totally fine, too. With this theme, it would be fun if you can have all the guests come in as sailors, lifeguards and coast guards, or even ship captains. Maybe a pirate or two won’t come amiss either!

When choosing baby boy shower invitations, you should stick to “aquatic” colors like blue and green. As for baby shower gift ideas, glass globes with cruise ships or yachts in it would be nice. Other types of nautical-themed miniatures would also be a good idea.

Aviation Baby Shower

In short, it’s all about flying your own plane or jet. If the mom to be loves travelling or she’s always dreamed to be a pilot, then now’s your chance to grant her wish – or sort of. Who knows? With this kind of baby shower, it might just be a good enough omen for her son to one day grow up a pilot.



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