How to Choose the Best Baby Shower Recipes

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Although hiring a catering company would let you say goodbye to all the worries about what to serve in a baby shower, the joys of preparing homemade dishes for this special moment are unparalleled. If you are up to the challenge of creating culinary masterpieces for an upcoming baby shower, then here are several factors to take into account when planning your menu.

Healthy Choices

All baby shower recipes that you choose should not include ingredients that are automatically on the forbidden list for pregnant women. Liquor – any kind of it – a definite no-no. It would also be a good idea if you can ask someone close to the guest of honor to check with her about any other foods she may have to temporarily avoid.

Go Light or Heavy?

It all depends on what time you will be having a baby shower. Naturally, anything that is too close to breakfast, lunch, and dinner should include heavy dishes or entrees in the menu. Something light but pleasantly filling all the same would be appropriate for baby showers taking place during snack or brunch hours.

Non-Messy Food

Baby showers are rarely sit-down events, with guests often table-hopping or happily circulating and mingling. As such, the best baby shower recipes are those unlikely to create a mess. Finger foods are a good example of this. Avoid recipes that include soups or dips, too. This way, guests may still join in the celebrations, participating or cheering during games even while they are satisfying their appetite at the same time.

Drink Choices

Much attention must be given while preparing the food for baby showers that sometimes we forget to think about drinks. As lots of activities tend to take place during baby showers, you should have lots of water ready to serve and ease parched throats of guests who have gone hoarse from so much shouting. Juices, teas, and coffees are also appropriate to serve. Avoid liquor and carbonated drinks as they are usually on the list of “drinks to avoid” for the celebrator.


No baby shower is complete without desserts. Whether you are aiming for cakes, candies, or baked goodies – anything sweet and lovely to look at would do. Aside from desserts, baby shower menus also tend to include sweet and edible centerpieces as well as edible souvenirs. To make party favors extra special, some organizers even include DIY recipes with the cakes and pastries they give out to guests.

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