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Use our baby shower checklist to see if you have everything covered! Make sure you’re not missing anything in the baby shower décor department.


This is where your greetings or congratulatory messages for the guest of honor are printed. They can be made of tarpaulin or something as simple as paper and cardboard. You can create your own baby shower banners or have it professionally designed. Just make sure that it’s large enough for everyone in the venue – especially those sitting at the far back – can see it clearly.


These are baby shower party decorations that are located above you. They can be hung from one side to another or suspended from the ceilings.


baby-shower-decorationsBalloons are one of the most versatile and useful types of baby shower party décor. You can tie them to chairs or wall posts or you can have them floating around the room. You can also use them later on as props in certain games. In fact, they can even be the main component for games like scavenger hunts and relay races for the team that can pop the greatest number of balloons.

Party favor tip idea: gift-stuffed balloons.


Baby shower centerpieces are important as long as you have tables included in your party. It doesn’t matter if there’s just one center table for the whole group or you’re using cocktail tables. Centerpieces nowadays benefit from a wider variety of designs. In some cases, baby shower centerpieces may be later given away as party favors for the guests. In other cases, they can be edible designs that guests can enjoy for snacks or desserts.

Party Poppers

Party poppers release a shower of confetti in a variety of designs. Usually, selected guests are the ones who make use of party poppers. You just need to choose the appropriate moment to use it.


Placemats are always a nice touch and make any occasion more elegant and sophisticated. They can be made from an assortment of materials. You can also for placemats with rather unique shapes rather than usual rectangular and oval-shaped designs.

Party Hats

No one’s too old to wear a party hat and baby showers are certainly one of the best occasions to have adults sporting them. Just make sure that they’re large enough to fit everyone comfortably if you’ve opted to buy one size for all.


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