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If you are worried about lacking inspiration for choosing the best baby shower theme, don’t be as this guide has you covered. Everything you have to know about baby shower themes can be found here. Take your time making your choice though since themes often serve as the lifeblood of the party. Simply put, the best themes can kick off your party in the right direction while the worst baby shower themes can kill it.

Movie-Inspired Themes

Some movies are so unique and unforgettable that they can serve as a baby shower theme all on their own. Take for example Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. Right away, you would know that the baby shower theme ideas for this theme would still differ from a classic Alice in Wonderland theme and it’s all because of the unique visual style that Burton is so famous for.

Other possible movies that can serve as baby shower themes include Titanic, Avatar, or even Rambo.

Time Travel Themes

A baby shower theme can also give guests the chance to travel back in time or as far into the future as their imaginations can take them. You can choose from periods with easily distinct fashion styles such as the Victorian period, the Middle Ages, the “Robotic” or “Space”, or even the pre-historic age.

Just make sure that when you do choose a theme from the past and the future you will also have enough patience and determination to find the most suitable baby shower centerpieces and baby shower party supplies for them. Certainly, finding appropriate baby shower party favors for such themes won’t be a piece of cake either.

Kiddie Themes

Just let your inner child out and you will have an easy time coming up with all sorts of baby shower theme ideas. You have, however, the option of making it a little unique with a twist though. A jungle theme baby shower is fairly common, isn’t it? But what if you planned it in such a way that the jungle happens to be located in the era of dinosaurs or in the Arctic regions?

Classic Themes

Lastly, there is no need really to be unique or have startling choices for décor when all the mom-to-be cares is the truly simple type and would prefer a more sedate but lovely and normal type of baby shower. Think of themes like just everything plain blue or pink for boys or girls, a Hawaiian luau, or an English tea party.

All these are considered classic baby shower themes because you can find the necessary supplies and favors for them easily.

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