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Finding creative baby shower gifts is hard enough, but it gets even more complicated when you must cater to twins. Yes, the gifts you would give for twins would naturally be duplicates each other, but after that? To give you a better idea of what’s most suitable for couples blessed with twins, here are some popular and creative baby shower gifts that you can consider.

Matching outfits

These will definitely be a hit when it comes to twin gift ideas! There are tons of cute matching outfits made especially for twins. Twin gift sets in different color and sizes are littered on I find that it’s a great resource to use when looking highly specialized products like these. If that’s not enough Click Here to search for twin gift ideas.

Gift baskets

Before you think that this is probably one of the least creative baby shower gifts there is, keep in mind that you have the choice of assembling the items that go into your gift baskets. You can purchase pre-arranged gift baskets, or create your own. After all, you know the expectant mother best! Click Here to see already prepared gift baskets at amazon.

Gift baskets @

For bedtime baskets, you can personally choose bed linen from your favorite company. For bath time baskets, you can pick out the scent for the twins’ shampoo and body wash.

Lastly, keep in mind that gift baskets can also be filled with edible items. And rather than buying one for each twin, you can just give them “two” types of gift baskets – sort of like representing the ying and yang of raising twins. One basket would be filled with all the healthy food in the world while the other basket could be filled with the most delicious but not-too-healthy stuff that the baby would soon love to eat.

Name plates

These are not just creative baby shower gifts but they are also quite useful and special. One problem when raising twins would be the challenge for parents to make sure that each twin grows up with his or her own identity. You can help the parents reach their goal by giving them name plates. They can use it for the twins’ cribs, high chairs, or anything else at home that they have each.

Although twins are often expected to have no problems sharing each other, they are their own person and no doubt would appreciate to have their own separate things once in a while. Your name plates can do that for them.


baby shower scrapbook Scrapbook kit @

It will be a bit of a challenge, but if you look hard enough you are sure to find online scrapbooks for sale that are specifically meant for twins. They can come in pairs or as a unified scrapbook. The important thing here is that the pages within would have questions and themes that are appropriate for someone expecting multiple births.


Baby Strollers for Twins @

Want to go over the top? Although most mothers probably already have their own strollers it’s not uncommon to get the twins multipurpose premium strollers. Today, strollers come with the baby in a row or beside each other. Unfortunately, double-decker strollers do not yet exist – not to mention the safety hazards for the one in the lower bunk – there are, however, other and safer variations for strollers for twins.

If that’s not enough Click Here to search for twin gift ideas.

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